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Crafty Croft & Co is a home based, online small business, run solely by me, Jamie!

We've proudly been named your "one-stop small biz shop!"

CraftyCroft & Co specialises in logo design, business cards, and upgrading your current social presentation with custom graphics, custom price lists, templates of all kinds and even business uniforms.
We offer small businesses - just like us, custom logo packages at a very cost effective price as well as business, and trade wear uniforms. 

I started this project when I was on maternity leave in 2018.
I wanted to grow something my children can be proud of.
So, I thought what better time than now to start doing what it is that reflects what is important to me - working hard on your dreams and achieving goals.
I am now a mum to two beautiful little boys who continue to give me the passion to move forward and strive every single day.
Since opening all we've ever done is expand and grow!